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Affordable Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in NYC

Together, Think Clean

We are a janitorial company based out of New York and our objective is to enhance your spaces that matter the most. We are registered with the State of New York and operate within the five boroughs. At Pro Cleaning NY, we believe in excellence, innovation and integrity and it is our MISSION to standby these principles to meet and or exceed client expectations – with one goal in mind, to achieve this every time!

Our Mission is simple: Provide a professional service using our core fundamentals, experiences and resources to create and maintain a happy, healthy, and clean space for our clients and staff.

Along with our team being super professional and highly trained, they are extremely polite, incredibly friendly and very aware.

We would never send a cleaning technician to your home or workspace if they were lacked experience, or haven’t been properly trained using our extensive knowledge of today’s best cleaning processes.

Our team is especially ready for all situations, including HOARDING situations. They are committed to providing an expert level cleaning service – be it standard, professional or a deep cleaning.

Our dedication is second to none. Our leaders and team members have been making a difference working for some of the more prominent companies in the industry, the time is now to offer the change we want to see. At Pro Cleaning NY, we know EXACTLY what that is – it’s not just a clean, it’s a Pro Clean!

Clients Love


Pro Cleaning helped make my kitchen look brand new. They cleaned up some of hardest stains on my floor and were able to make it look like the day I got it installed. Highly recommend.

Brendan Rice Homeowner

I needed an Airbnb property cleaned in a pinch. The service was easy to setup and the process was simple. I was very pleased and it gave me the peace that the place was disinfected.

Zach Arber Airbnb Owner

I was shocked how quick I was able to set up an appointment. My office space suffered a burst pipe and Pro Cleaning was able to remove any odor and stains. An unbeatable price and top service.

Catherine Spillane Business Owner