Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two programs which you may choose depending upon your convenience. The first program is not inclusive of any supplies or equipment, which means that you acquire all the necessary equipment at home, and you want to reduce your cost. In the second program, we provide all the supplies and equipment required to perform your job.
You can completely trust us, and we won't let you down and we want you to subscribe to our service. We are insured, bonded, and dependable.
Our cleaning staff is available across New York and its five boroughs. One of our brand goals is to build a company that can service the tri-state area, and eventually, we will get there.
We are currently able to clean offices, office spaces within buildings including common areas, amenity areas, and basements, small medium, or large. We are building a brand for all!
We do not mind working while our clients are present. For us, this is better so they see the work ethic we instill in our employees. Although the nature of our business is to be unskilled, here at pro cleaning, we think it takes a professional to clean a place and clean it well.
Yes. You can contact us regarding post special events clean-up, and we can devise a tailored plan according to your needs.
Yes. This policy offers protection from customer injuries and property damage, along with advertising injuries.
Click here to view our certificate of liability
All of our cleaning professionals are highly trained and hired after going through an extensive background and reference check.
We are washing our hands upon entering & exiting every home, store, & office.

We are using a high-grade disinfectant and following the guidelines set forth by the state and CDC on surfaces and frequently touched areas such as light fixtures, door handles, and knobs, countertops, faucets, etc.… (kitchen & bathroom).

Our staff is reminded daily through our automated message system about safety measures and the most up-to-date mandated regulations, amongst other things. Most importantly, we remind them daily to wear gloves, a mask, keep their social distance not just in client's homes and places of business but also on their way to work from work and while they are off duty. They are also advised to change the gloves more frequently than usual and to have a spare mask.

We are limiting the amount of staff we are sending to various locations to minimize exposure.

As always, we are not allowing our staff who show any contagious symptoms to enter the office or client's homes. This is something we always feel strongly about and especially now. We offer services to the elderly community & to homes with young children, which we do not take for granted. We encourage our clients to cancel appointments whenever they are not feeling well–no cancellation fee is applied during these times unless it is excessive.
We are very particular about who we hire. We do not take advantage of the minimum wage in NY; in fact, we don't mind paying our employees extra for being professional cleaners and knowing how to do the job with care or willing to learn from our founder and president as they care about every job no matter how small or big. We understand the value of the dollar, but we also understand the value in people, following the guidelines of local state and federal health authorities.

Every PROCSN employee undergoes a thorough screening process that includes criminal background checks especially. Additionally, all of our businesses and employees are fully insured and bonded.

Our employees are all given top-notch training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks.

Trust is a vital component of our business. We thrived on having earned the trust of hundreds and hundreds of customers throughout the many years of working for other companies. We are now working on building our company's success of that same trust.
The number one reason we are your number one option is that we are going to provide you service the same way you would do it yourself. We encompass the phrase; if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

Additionally, we document our clients' history follow-up and follow through with any and all issues. We find viable solutions for those concerns and implement them immediately. Our team is certainly prepared for the worse and will deliver quality services in even the best of situations. Not only are we resourceful, reliable, and affordable, but we offer rewards for our clients through our client rewards program.

It's is only through cleaners and clients that we can manage to grow organically and develop the skill set needed to meet and or exceed all expectations. This will allow us to build a brand strong and offer more value to our cleaners and clients. We are in this to help create a large group of people vested in the well-being of their spaces as well as the people surrounding these environments.

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